Question: How much does printer repair cost?
Answer: We have fixed rates for printer and plotter repair. The price we quote is the price we charge, which includes the call-out and labour charge, unless the printer needs workshop attention or additional parts.
Question: What is wrong with my printer?
Answer: Modern printers are very sophisticated and many things can go wrong with them, from clutch slip on an inkjet printers print-head to roller slip on a laser although most problems are quite easy to fix. The only way to identify what is wrong is to have a look at the laser printer, inkjet printer or plotter and diagnose the problem. The printer can also be serviced at the same time if you wish.
Question: Is my printer repairable?
Answer: Most of the time yes it is, dependant upon the type of problem we have spares for most makes and models of printers. unless it is a small ink printer, then it is not cost affective
Question: What types of printers do you repair?
Answer: We repair most  printers, lasers, and HP plotters. We supply spare parts, replacement parts and servicing. We also don’t just do printers, we do copiers, fax machines, audio and other equipment as well.
Question: Why does my printer error code mean?
Answer: If you have the printer or plotter manual to hand then look in the index for error codes. Alternatively, give us a call and we’ll do what we can to help you find out what the error means for your printer or plotter.